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Lobster 35


The Gagliotta Shipyard was born in the early 1950s in Naples thanks to the genius of Salvatore Gagliotta, passionate about engines and boating. Not yet in his thirties, in the tuff caves of Mergellina, he creates the first prototypes of fast boats. Self-taught, gifted with an uncommon intuition, Salvatore Gagliotta developed in those years a series of Hunt-type hulls that will represent, in the following years, the strength of his boats.

Due to their strong innovative charge, they immediately attract the young people of Naples, who, in addition to the speed and quality of the materials, also require high comfort and adequate finishing for their boats. In the following years the amateur production becomes semi-industrial, keeping the vocation for fast, safe and comfortable boats unchanged, conquering an increasingly large market, helped by the brilliant results achieved in off-shore competitions. 


In October 1968 on Nautica, Carlo Marincovich wrote: "The only Italian who has proven to be very valuable in the international field is the Neapolitan Salvatore Gagliotta who with his cabin cruiser Budda Blitz has always been behind very powerful racing boats... outperforming other cabin cruisers of the same size and built by large shipyard complexes".

From the same period is the famous affirmation of Don Aronow, the legendary producer of Cigarettes, according to which "the only hulls in Europe worth copying are those of Gagliotta." 


In the early 1970s, Gagliotta was one of the first to develop the day-cruiser motorboat as it is still understood today. The CAMARO SG is remembered as a forerunner of this new way of living the sea and was among the first boats in the world to mount the new transmission called "stern drive" of the Volvo Penta.

80's - 2000

In the following years there have been many successful models of the Gagliotta shipyard.

Between 1970 and the early 2000s, the CAMARO GAGLIOTTA line represented a point of reference for designers and for sea lovers. The Camaro Sport; the Camaro CM; the Camaro SG; the Camaro 31; the Camaro 32; the Camaro Tris; the Camaro Even; the Camaro 43: thirty years of commercial success for the shipyard, of satisfaction and pleasure for those who bought it. Numerous are the boats that after decades still belong to the first owner.

2000 - 2010

In 2000 the Fisherman line was born, with the collaboration of the architect Stefano Mango.

First the Gagliotta 37 initially called Gagliardo, then the Gagliotta 32, then the Gagliotta 44, finally the Gagliotta 52. 


2010 - today

In 2009 Gagliotta produced the first Lobster model. It’s the Gagliotta Lobster 35. The combination of a compact concept, but with sinuous and modern lines, with the experience and construction skills of Gagliotta have produced a boat that has immediately become a point of reference.

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